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About Mars Security

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The Mars Security is a industrial Security Guard Companies which helps you to forget all your burden and fears. We use all the possible ways to protect our clients. Both types of security services either private or corporate, Mars Security provides you the best security all over the world.We have all the new technologies with highly qualfied employees and best security guards who protects the individual from external dangers.

Our Mars Security provides the private security services as well as corporate security services with uniformed guards of best quality and after selection of best officers we gives thorough and documented training to our guards.

Services and Assistance:

Our Security Guard Agencies in Delhi contains the best and accomplished staff and provides you the best security services in all the places, housekeeping, private and corporate offices, production spaces,public apartments etc.

As we provides housekeeping services also,other than security services we also fulfill domestic purposes of our clients and our our Security agency is the first choice of clients all over India,especially in Delhi.

Although our security agencies in Delhi provides the best and highly qualified resources, our rates are very reasonable and not much for these services in Delhi NCR.

The security guards we provide to our clients belongs to excellent professional and personal background and all these things are checked by our agency before we recruit these guards.In Addition, we also gather full knowledge about our customers so we can help our clients as much as we can.

Mars Security fulfill all the needs of their clients and contain all types of security guads such as Armed security guards, highly trained domestic, private, personnel/VIP/Executive, corporate security guards.

Not only the personal security,Mars security also able to provide the security electronically in retail places such as shopping centers,hostels,hotels schools,universities etc.

The efficiency of worker depends on their working environment,same applied to security guards.We gave prefence to those security guards more who is more alert and effective. Proper security cabins and guard rooms are given to the guards which is an important factor and adds prestige and honour to the employer.

There is chain of employees who manage their juniors and help them to solve their queries, they consist of Supervisors, headguards and then guards. Supervisors are the one who discharge duties to the guards and maange their shedule timing and also watch their performance so that none of our client suffer from any mistake of our guards.Headguards are the one who supervise the juniors and help them to do their duty properly.Mainly headguards role came in the absence of supervisors otherwise they are normal guads who work under supervisors.